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Personalize the website

To see Jetfire data, you must be logged in. The Jetfire WebParts project supports anonymous login. As a public user, you get logged in as 'Guest'.
To personalize the website that you installed on your PC, follow these steps:
  • Go to Login page - http://localhost/JetfireWebDemo/Login/Default.aspx
    • (this assumes that the website alias is 'JetfireWebDemo')
  • Enter user id and password:
    • User id: 'Bob'
    • Password: 'bob'
  • Verify that you are logged in - you see "Logged in User: Bob" on the page
  • Go to any application web page in the project to personalize the web page

Personalization Commands

The difference is that the web page now shows 'Bob' as the login user with commands showing 'Edit', 'Library', 'Logout'
The commands do the following:
  • Edit - puts the web page into edit mode. Each Web Part can now be edited.
    • Click Edit on the Web Part to edit the Web Part Properties.
    • The Web Part properties are displayed on the right side of the browser window
  • Library - puts the web page into design mode. You may select from a library of Web Parts to add Web Parts to the current page.
    • The Library of Web Parts is displayed on the right side of the browser window
    • Web Parts may be moved around the web page (in either edit or design mode). Just select the Web Part by clicking the left button of the mouse and holding the button down. Drag the Web Part from the current Web Zone to the new Web Zone. Drop the Web Part into this Web Zone.
    • Web Parts that have been added from the Library may be deleted.
    • Web Parts that coded as part of the web page can be moved but not deleted.
  • Logout - logs 'Bob' out.
    • Note: Guest is automatically logged back in for Jetfire pages.

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