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About Jetfire Web Parts

This section provides some background information on Jetfire Web Parts to understand why certain steps are done the way that they are done.
  1. Web Parts use a Personalization Database that is created from within Visual Studio 2005. Jetfire Web Parts uses the same Personalization Database with some custom fields added. The custom fields allow the customization of standard Content Management style Web Parts and Jetfire specific Web Parts. You must install the Jetfire Database that is part of this project.
  2. Users surfing Jetfire pages are always logged in as a Personalization user. Users are automatically logged in as Guest when surfing Jetfire pages. (For the advanced designer, there is a way to keep Guests out of your Jetfire pages!)
  3. Logged in users are defined as a Profile. This definition must be included in the web.config file.
  4. There are a number of app settings in the web.config file.

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