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Project Description
Jetfire WebParts provide a powerful and elegant GUI (Graphical User Interface) for displaying your custom written workflows in a Web Browser. Using the Jetfire language - an open source, object oriented, scripting language - makes writing persistent programs (workflows) very easy to write and maintain. Over 30 WebParts make it easy to display workflows designed with the Jetfire language.

Jetfire WebParts are generic Web Page design components that can be used for any Jetfire workflow that you design. This project takes an application approach to showing how to apply Jetfire using Web Parts that best display the information to the user. Application Web Pages are included in the project.

The project builds on the Microsoft Forms Authentication database created in Visual Studio and customized for Jetfire use (database included in project). Login Web Parts are included to login and subsequently configure Web Parts on the web pages.

The project contains a sample website with Jetfire binaries. (The binaries are free to use for non-commercial applications. Source is available for commercial applications.)

Jetfire provides SharePoint-like functionality on a ASP.NET website.
Jetfire Web Parts are used to deliver web applications. This project runs on Windows XP and Vista, where IIS is available. Alternatively, you may run the project in Visual Studio without IIS.
Jetfire Web Parts is an elegant approach to deploying workflows in an ASP.NET (or WinForms) environment.

Feb 8, 2008 Release

  • New SIMPLIFIED Installation (Instructions on Release page)
  • applications (Quiz and Sports Event)
  • applications (Hello World and Guest Book)

Application Demos

This project includes four Jetfire Applications.

Working demos of this project are available:


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Jetfire Site

Official Jetfire site -
Jetfire Feature Set

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